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Medium publishes lots and lots of articles on a daily basis, but total quality across all articles is a constant and that’s a huge problem for them, or it should be.

First red flag: to contribute as a reader, i.e. to comment on an article, you can’t do it right away on the web but only by means of their mobile app.

I installed their app some time ago, and I routinely comment on those bits I think I can contribute to. Just yesterday I submitted a one-liner to replace a coding example of 15 lines.

Second red flag: there’s no button anywhere on the app that you can press to add a comment.

In fact, after much swear, maybe you happen to accidentally highlight a word of the article, and a little menu pops up, with the option you already thought you were tricked with for installing their otherwise useless app.

Third red flag: you need to highlight the text you want to comment about (which is a nice-to-have feature), but then the author can freely reword that piece of text and your comment vanishes.

After getting a thankful response from the author of the article about my one-liner, I went back to the published text, and the only change was from “this is one of the cleanest methods” to “there are many methods”, but no trace of my comment and code.

So, why did I bother in the first place if my contribution gets so easily lost?

Of course I get why he did that, and even if the net result is that his article keeps on low quality, my point is not that. What I think is wrong here is the medium of Medium, which simply makes comments hard to submit and ultimately useless.

UPDATE 2019/09/05

I just found out that the app now allows to see comments, even those attached to removed piece of text.

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