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2012-03, Wikipedia

My welding guy business card.


Looking for an image, I had some concepts I wanted it to properly convey.

  1. I do back-end web programming: application architecture, database storage and retrieval, … (no user interface graphics).
  2. I’m a passionate programmer that can develop projects designed by other people.
  3. My fees are proportional to the level of my know-how.
  4. I’m a creative guy.

So I started looking at images on the VistaPrint website, and discovered that a lot of designs were awful, mostly all the ones into the IT category. Then I thought about all the construction terms that are used in programming: plumbing, scaffolding, building, … and started looking into the Construction category.

Soon I found this welding professional right in the middle of their work, and I liked it at first sight.


Then I realized that my personal programming blog is more than enough for showing what I do, but it’s name is not very good from a professional perspective.

So I decided to go and find an alternative domain name. I wanted something with Ando in it, which is my nickname, or sort of, for some of my recent projects. Ando is the beginning of Andorea, the way my wife called me initially (she’s Japanese).

Then I remembered that when recently I had to configure a website for a friend’s project in, they were offering .es (Spanish) domain names very cheap, and it occurred to me to see if was available. It was.

After verifying that the cheapest domain name could be mine, I had to solve another important issue. Everybody knows that cheapest does not really go hand in hand with best quality: I wanted Gmail-like quality of service for my email address. I went to Gmail and tried out as a username and it was available too.

So I registered the email account, then used it to register the domain name, then redirected it to my blog.

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