WP Chili 1.2

WP Chili is a WordPress plugin for installing Chili into WordPress with extreme simplicity.

Please refer to the WP Chili site for more info and for downloading it.

Here is what your readers view
Here is what your readers view
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71 Replies to “WP Chili 1.2”

  1. Ciao, quando aggiorni chili (la libreria) aggiorni anche il plugin di WordPress? Per me sarebbe comodo. Grazie, ciao.

  2. Yes, I should update it.
    In fact I’d like to release something better than WP-Chili. Maybe in a couple of weeks…

  3. Carlo, I’ve just released the update you were waiting for: it installs Chili 2.2.
    I’m still thinking about the bigger project about some sort of “button” for adding code to WordPress.

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  5. WP Chili appears not to work with WordPress 3.0. All of my syntax highlighting in my blog is now broken. Any way you can help a brother out?


  6. As noted by eywwwn, there’s a compatibility issue between jQuery 1.4.2 (installed by WordPress 3.0) and Chili 2.2.

    In fact, if you go to my page http://noteslog.com/personal/projects/chili/2.2/ you’ll see many examples at the bottom. They all work fine but the last.

    The reason is that all but the last use a static setup of chili. In dynamic setups (also used in WP Chili 1.1), recipes are downloaded as they are needed. It worked fine in older versions of jQuery, but now it’s broken.

    Fixed in version 1.2

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