WNT 1.0

WNT is a client side cross domain GET and POST plugin for jQuery based on window name transport. Look here for a short description of this technique on slide 36.

{[ .wnt | 1.hilite(=javascript=) ]}


This is hello-service.php. It’s a remote service that can be accessed by means of a get or post request. Its response is in JSON format, but you can use whatever you like.

{[ .hello | 1.hilite(=php=) ]}

This is test-jquery-wnt.html. It’s a web page that accesses the hello service by means of a get or post request. Due to the fact that the response is in JSON format, it includes json2 for parsing.

{[ .test | 1.hilite(=html=) ]}

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  1. In the referenced, article, they mention:
    “Consequently, the windowName module uses a set of three nested frames, where 1st frame blocks all frame traversal to the 2nd frame using dynamically installed getters that return null. This means that third party frames can never traverse the frames to get a reference to the 2nd or 3rd frames, and consequently can never induce navigation of the target frame (the 3rd frame) in order to access the name property.”

    Is this also accounted for in the WNT 1.0 plugin? My experience with JQuery is pretty limited, but as far as I could tell, there was only 1 iframe being added with the addIframe() function. Thanks -Andy

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