Part 2: Injections of many enzymes

Literal Execution Enzymes

Injection of a literal indexed array (i-array) and associative array (i-hash) execution enzyme.

{[ =Jan= | 1 | =Feb= | 2 | =Mar= | 3 | array(6) ]} (array-x)

Inject ´array( ‘Jan’, 1, ‘Feb’, 2, ‘Mar’, 3 )´

{[ =Jan= | 1 | =Feb= | 2 | =Mar= | 3 | hash(3) ]} (hash-x)

Inject ´array( ‘Jan’ => 1, ‘Feb’ => 2, ‘Mar’ => 3 )´


  • Origin:
    • (array-x) Itself and as many previous enzymes as indicated.
    • (hash-x) Itself and twice as many previous enzymes as indicated.
  • Form: literal.
  • Kind: execution.
    • (array-x) Indexed arrays build standard PHP indexed arrays.
    • (hash-x) Associative arrays build standard PHP associative arrays.

Literals offer a shortcut to their respective custom fields versions. It’d be overwhelming to create a custom field for literals, but you certainly can.

While literal transclusions get into the content exactly like that, execution transclusions get into the content like Array. However both kinds make sense only when used together with an execution enzyme. See the “Full blown injection” section.

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