Part 4: Power Coders

Side effects

Each Nzymes injection follows one of these patterns:

  1. ´{[ … | <literal enzyme> ]} –> <literal value>´
  2. ´{[ … | <transclusion enzyme> ]} –> <referred value>´
  3. ´{[ … | <execution enzyme> ]} –> <returned value>´

Notice that even if the final value of the first two patterns only depends on the value of the last enzyme, no shortcut is ever taking place. Each and every enzyme in the injection is processed in turn, from left to right. This is relevant for side effects.

For example, if you want to mute an injection, you only need to end it with an empty string: ´{[ … | == ]}´. However, all last execution enzymes returning null are effectively muting the injection too, no need to end them with an empty string.

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