Business Card

My welding guy business card.

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Login Dongle

A WordPress Plugin I’ve developed while suffering a brute force attack from multiple (probably spoofed) IP addresses.

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Hacker News Amplifier

A simple Google Chrome extension for taking advantage of horizontal space and using it to sort out most important news.

Fix for PHP Bug #50887

A complex fix of a subtle bug into the PHP preg_match function that some times returns fewer matches than expected.

Difference between refactoring and rewriting

One contains the other, but some elaboration could be useful.

How to share code between different projects

Sharing code between different projects poses some issues.

How to start analyzing a project

Every programming project can be analyzed by means of this simple method.

How to show what programming feels like

Very basic first crash interactive lesson on-line.

How to learn PHP

PHP is so simple, you only need some time to learn it.

Full UTF-8

PHP code for supporting UTF-8 encoding of all the 17 planes of Unicode characters instead of only the BMP (plane 0).

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Feature request for FengOffice

2010-12-07, Source, Comments (0)

I started using FengOffice for organizing tasks of a personal project, but I soon discovered a deal breaker limitation. It was impossible to put tasks in a user-defined sequence. I suggested such a feature, but got a disappointing response… more »


A simple HTML5 game. Click on the *** link to try it right now, from your browser.

Fix for a Rails 3 Bug

A fix that allows a developer to cleanly debug a Ruby on Rails 3.0.0 project.

Window Name Transport

A client-side cross-domain GET and POST plugin for jQuery based on window name transport.

Grabox Operation

2008-08, Comments (0)

The Grabox Operation is a web project with an engine that registers ownership of widgets along time.

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Structural Spring

2008-08, Comments (0)

Cada pieza dispone de un muelle, de un extremo macho, y de un extremo hembra.

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HotChili Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet for highlighting any code in any web page you browse.

Fix for a window.resize() Bug in IE

A fix for an Internet Explorer bug that fires the window resize event multiple times per each resize. Click on the *** link to try it right now, from your browser.

HotChili GreaseMonkey

A Firefox plugin (GreaseMonkey add on) for highlighting any code in any web page you browse.


A JavaScript loader.