PunchCard 1.2 Released Today

  • Simplified the inclusion of the PunchCard code in a page
  • The configuration of a widget is now by means of a metaboject, and is compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Updated the code to use version 1.1.1 of the jQuery library (bundled)
  • The example.html file shows how to put on the same page as many widgets as you like. Each of them can have it’s own style
  • Simplified the stylesheets. Add new styles for colors and shapes of the widgets to the punchcard.css stylesheet (compare with example.html)

(the greeny thing below this line is a punchcard)

Chili 1.5 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.6 has been released


  • Changed the recipes format to JSON. Previous recipes need a small conversion. Just compare to a JSON recipe and you’ll see how to
  • Improved support for dynamic setups, by means of metaobjects, which allow a clean configuration on a per element basis
  • Improved support for static setups
  • New examples show how to configure static and dynamic setups
    • static: recipes and stylesheets linked from the page
    • dynamic: recipes and stylesheets downloaded on demand
  • The examples also show how to mix languages in the same page, manually configure a mixed language setup, use metaobjects, use a dynamic download in a static setup
  • Added an option for preventing CSS downloading on demand
  • Added a new recipe and example for pure HTML
  • Updated the bundled jQuery library to version 1.1.1
  • Dropped support for Code Highlighter styleSets. It’s very easy to convert a styleSet to a JSON recipe, though
  • Fixed a bug in the white space’s rendering
  • Improved the white space’s rendering in Opera9.1
  • Added scope protection to all the Chili code
  • Tested with IE7, FF1.5, Opera9.1


  • download all in a zip
  • read the manual
  • Examples (static)
  • Examples (dynamic)

Magic H/8

  • H is the 8th letter of the Latin alphabet
  • H and 8 often have very similar names:
    • in English: H=aitch, 8=eight
    • in Spanish: H=hache, 8=ocho
    • in Italian: H=acca, 8=otto
  • H is the 8th most frequent letter of English
  • the three most frequent letters of English are: e, t, a