Yet Another EventManager Class in PHP (

Some months ago I published an article about How to add events to a PHP project (1st EventManager). It should have been the basis for a later article about how to use events to index a site, still to be written.

The 1st EventManager class was ready to use, but some days ago I discovered the Event Dispatcher component of symfony (sfEventDispatcher class), whose Recipes page shows some usage examples. It proved that my EventManager class needed some reworking to have comparable power. Continue reading “Yet Another EventManager Class in PHP (“

jQuery Window Name Transport Plugin

Yesterday I’ve released a jQuery window name transport plugin: jquery-wnt.js

Inside it’s much simpler than other attempts.

Outside it exposes two methods:

  • $.wnt.get( url, data, callback )
  • $ url, data, callback )

The arguments are:

  • url: the url you want to fetch
  • data: the data you want to send, as a js object
  • callback: the function that will take care of the response, received as the only argument

It works in IE8, FF3.5, Safari 4, Chrome 3, and Opera 10.

Known issues:

  • the query string of the url of the get is not honored, so you should pass those parameters as data
    FIXED 2009-10-07

WNT pages are here and here.