Chili NEXT on github

I’ve setup a github account for Chili, based on the github account for jQuery.

Anyone interested in forging the NEXT version of Chili is warmly welcome.

You should be able to join and contribute as easily as possible.

I’m still a bit new to git and github, but I hope I have prepared a usable setup for development.

The current source, is almost version 2.2, but heavily refactored, simplified and documented.

There are some minor differences, so that it’s not compatible with version 2.2 anymore.

NEXT version could be 2.3 or 3.0, most likely the latter.

In the github wiki I jotted down a minimal wish list.

Vital Bugs

Bugs feed me.

Programmers hunt bugs for a living.

Bugs feed programs.

A program that is being debugged now, is alive.

Bugs feed philosophy.

Thinking is about confrontation with bugs in thoughts.

I18n gone crazy

Some time ago I stumbled upon this great message from some program on my PC, I can’t remember which one now.

Haga doble clic en el icono de adv. en la barra est. para ver este mens. en el fut.