How to automatically build a hash

Sorry if the title misled you, but I couldn’t come up with anything better and equally short. A YAML configuration file can be loaded into a hash, and this works pretty much out of the box. Sometimes, however, I need to also add configuration on the fly to the same hash. Then it becomes a little tedious to manually build missing keys, so I created my own Ando::Hash, which is a thin wrapper around Ruby’s Hash.

{[ .ando-hash | 1.hljs(=ruby=) ]}

And here is a very short usage example.

{[ .ando-hash-example | 1.hljs(=ruby=) ]}

How to run Rake tasks programmatically

Some time ago I was told to reimplement some Rake tasks such that they would be available from a simple admin interface. Instead of that, I came up with a web interface for Rake tasks, such that exactly the same code can be run from the web and from a console.

At the core there are a couple of global methods: runnable_tasks and run_task.

{[ .rake-global | 1.hljs(=ruby=) ]}

And here is how that it’s supposed to be used:

{[ .rake-example | 1.hljs(=ruby=) ]}