Changing ISP

I’m thinking about changing my ISP. Hurricane Electric worked fine so far, but I started to care about some things that are simply impossible with this ISP.

  • pros: per month contract, no setup fees, no hidden costs, reselling allowed
  • cons: only one database per account, subdomains not allowed, no PHP 5, no Ruby, very basic admin interface

I thought that could be a good alternative, but I’m not sure anymore, after carefully reading their site. The price announced is the classic “starting from” which I hate: it refers to the 24 months prepaid contract. For any contract less than 12 months there is a 30 dollars setup fee. And the minimum contract is 3 months. They give you lots of space, but reselling is not allowed. An interesting feature is that they allow adult content, as long as it is legal in California. has the same pricing structure, even if they say “no hidden costs”. Besides they charge 10 dollars for each domain… They don’t allow any adult content, nor nudity, nor anything related. An interesting feature is that you have to edit lingerie pictures if you can see through!

How to write a safe RegExp for Opera

The PHP recipe for Chili contains a big regular expression (32862 chars) to account for the thousands of PHP functions.

Internet Explorer and Firefox accept such a giant, but Opera does not. No way. It’s a problem at the core level. So the only solution, very simple though, is not to use a literal expression: use new RegExp( "..." ); instead of /.../.

Remember to escape the expression for strings: for my recipe it was very simple because the step only contains a long list of words, between two word boundaries, which need an extra backslash.

Chili 1.7 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.8 has been released


  • Fixed Internet Explorer copy functionality
    you can now copy source code in PRE elements transparently and seamlessly in IE, Firefox and Opera (try to copy some lines from any PRE in the examples below)
  • Fixed the PHP recipe for Opera


  • download all in a zip
  • read the manual
  • Example: Static Setup, where a set of recipes and stylesheets is loaded at once
  • Example: Dynamic Setup, where Chili loads recipes and stylesheets as needed