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  1. I just discovered your site about XGC —Brilliant!! It took me a while to understand the Euclid[c,m], but it is rather simple. Your command of Mathematica is impressive. I played with GC conjecture a few years ago myself – not to in this way of extending it. It doesn’t look like you got a lot of comments…. Any way visit Tomas d’Silva’s website and you can see how far he has confirmed GC. — – He reached 10^18 in 2007. I have looked into a manual (sorry) means of identifing the “smallest” set of primes necessary to form the even intergers. If you are still into this – let me know and I can share something with you – and I am sure you could find a Mathematica approach. I am just now learning the SW but not to your level of expertise yet. My email is included.

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