jQuery: API documentation /4

It was the beginning of October when I posted here three articles about this subject.

Yesterday I updated my experimental jQuery interface, re-introducing the A through Z index, and making it crossbrowser for IE, FF, and Opera (this one could be better). This is the official xml data seen through my interface.

There are empty spaces, because my proposal was about making the xml data richer than actually is. And there is still work to do for making it more robust and flexible.

For example, the next thing to add will be a list of keywords at the bottom. Clicking any of them, the function list will hide the functions that do not match that keyword. I’m speaking of keywords here rather than categories, because there exist other partitions as much interesting as categories, like “deprecated” for example, or “chainable”, or “multiplex” (acts upon a collection), or “stacked” (changes a collection) and so on.

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