Genuine Scam?

Last week I got a marketing email from PayPal. It looked like scam because it was also mailed (apparently) to someone who is not me. The footer said: This email was sent to xxxxxxxxxxx according to your preferences. I forwarded the email to PayPal anti scam service, but they confirmed it’s genuine. 😐

One Reply to “Genuine Scam?”

  1. Yea… I can image in that wow holy shiziot dude this is fucking p i m p i just started to notice the text copying to the comment field…. nice.

    Okay back to what i was saying. Yea i can imagine that I get alot of paypal scam emails and I just don’t trust any emails from them anymore 😐

    Also, I seriously think I might steal your idea as far as the comment thing 😉

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