Copy-and-Paste Job Postings

Thanks to Google, you can easily improve your job search in Spain by spotting copy-and-paste job postings.

  1. Copy an unusual sentence from the posting you’re looking at.
  2. Paste it into the Google search box (wrapping with quotation marks) and go.

Here is an example about a Senior PHP Programmer position, in a big web company (softonic). I searched for “seguro médico, tickets restaurant, etc” (which in English sounds like “private health insurance, lunch vouchers, etc”) and I got 322 results. After filtering out job search engines, here are the results, which refer all to the same posting (the first one below)

  • Softonic: salary not shown
  • Michael Page International España: salary not shown
  • Talent Search People: salary not shown
  • MP Consultors: salary not shown
  • Page Personnel: 25000 – 30000 (euros per year, before income tax)
  • Hays IT: salary 26000 – 38000 (euros per year, before income tax)

Your best bet should be to go with the last one, which shows a salary whose mean value is 32000, almost exactly the mean salary for that job position in Spain (33000).

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  1. Softonic has this announcement since at least 2007. In december 2007 I did go to an interview with them, they were in Cerdanyola de valles. They are constantly looking for programmers although they don’t want to hire them. Their highest salary is 36.000 which is not much. It’s either that they are constantly loosing programmer for the shitty job of mantaining the same download website over and over, or maybe they are doing another kind of obscure recruiting marketing study. Check also this link : from 2008.

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