jQuery Window Name Transport Plugin

Yesterday I’ve released a jQuery window name transport plugin: jquery-wnt.js

Inside it’s much simpler than other attempts.

Outside it exposes two methods:

  • $.wnt.get( url, data, callback )
  • $.wnt.post( url, data, callback )

The arguments are:

  • url: the url you want to fetch
  • data: the data you want to send, as a js object
  • callback: the function that will take care of the response, received as the only argument

It works in IE8, FF3.5, Safari 4, Chrome 3, and Opera 10.

Known issues:

  • the query string of the url of the get is not honored, so you should pass those parameters as data
    FIXED 2009-10-07

WNT pages are here and here.

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