Mac AppStore forces me to the Spanish site

  1. My ID is associated to the Spanish site because my credit card is from there.
  2. Now I’m in Holland but I do not speak Dutch.
  3. In the AppStore I can select the country, but not the language!!
  4. When I shop for something I want to read reviews about it.
  5. Spanish reviews are not available. (most of the times)
  6. I select the USA site.
  7. Changing country logs me out!!
  8. Now I have many reviews to browse. (I knew it!!)
  9. If I want to buy something, I click the Buy button.
  10. It wants me to login again, but…
  11. …it results in an error. (Translation: this Apple ID can only be used in the Spanish App Store)
  12. After accepting the error, I get redirected to the home of the Spanish site.
  13. Now I have to find that app again…


2 Replies to “Mac AppStore forces me to the Spanish site”

  1. a lot of websites/apps this days are confusing what l18n and i10n really mean and the stupid and automatic use of geolocation does not make the things easier. KLM website is one that puts the 2 correct questions . 1 where are you from? and 2. what is your preferred language. Should not be that hard for the brilliant minds at apple no?

  2. big corporation programmers are robots. Happens with a lot of other corporation websites (including google) that THINK they implemented i18l – internationalization. Actually they are abusing the GeoIP information and nothing more. And is so simple to add a user preference …

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