Chili 1.6 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.7 has been released


  • Fixed a bug that broke Chili when a code element was empty
  • Added an Internet Explorer workaround for getting the text of a code element with proper white space when copied to the clipboard
  • Improved the clockwork of a dynamic setup: now any given file is loaded once
  • Updated some recipes and added some other
  • Updated the metaobjects plugin to the 1.2 version
  • Added a folder with Enzymes (WordPress Plugin) and its Chili templates
  • Enabled an option for explicitly turning on/off the dynamic loading of recipes


  • download all in a zip
  • read the manual
  • Example: Static Setup, where a set of recipes and stylesheets is loaded at once
  • Example: Dynamic Setup, where Chili loads recipes and stylesheets as needed

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