WP Chili Released

A couple of days ago I released WP Chili, a simple WordPress plugin that installs Chili into WordPress and let’s you add client-side code highlighting to your posts, with extreme simplicity.

After activating WP Chili, it’s just a matter of wrapping your snippets into code or pre-code elements, with the programming language of the snippet as a class, like in the following example:

{[ .example-pre-code1 | 192.hilite( =html= ) ]}

When the post reaches your readers, the snippet is unescaped by their browser and highlighted by Chili 1.9 (downloaded from your server). Your readers will see the example rendered as:

{[ .example-pre-code2 | 192.hilite( =php= ) ]}

3 Replies to “WP Chili Released”

  1. I’ve looked at your page and noticed some problems.

    Actually all code inside a CODE element with a “php” class is highlighted (a good thing), but outside code is not (a good thing, too).

    Any code you want Chili to highlight must go inside a CODE element…

  2. somehow i got the problem solved. It seems that WP Chili wasn’t highlighting codes followed by a blank line is because wordpress added a paragraph tag after each blank line. I solved it by adding a   at the beginning of each blank line.

    Sorry for the double posting

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