Chili 1.1 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.2 has been released


  • Added support for backreferences in recipe steps. Due to the mechanics of the parsing engine this was not possible before, without a proper renumbering, which is now transparently done by Chili.
  • Fixed a bug in the JavaScript recipe which prevented correct highlighting of single and double quoted strings containing escaped quotes.
  • Added support for PHP highlighting, with all of its 3309 functions.
  • Presented in the examples a new method for configuring Chili, on a per file basis.
  • The examples have been updated to reflect new versions of Chili and jQuery.
  • Added a brand new example where Chili highlights PHP. (the script was used to generate the dictionary pattern for all PHP functions, included in the PHP recipe)


  • download all in a zip
  • read the manual
  • test Chili highlighting Chili
  • test Chili highlighting jQuery
  • test Chili highlighting PHP

Chili 1.0_b Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.1 has been released


  • No code change.
  • A proper free license (MIT) has been added to all files.
  • The version number has been added to the path of the Chili site.
  • A new directory structure for examples has been added, together with a brand new example where Chili highlights jQuery.


  • all
  • manual
  • Chili highlighting Chili
  • Chili highlighting jQuery

Free license
I clearly stated the terms of the license in the release post. But it’s important that any sensible information be protected by the same terms, so I added an MIT license to them.

Versioned directories
I found that without version numbers in the path I had to make adjustments to incoming links or provide some kind of redirection. Versioned directories should save me time.

  • Content previously found in /aercolino /chili/ has been moved to /aercolino /chili /1.0/
  • Content of this 1.0_b release has been placed in /aercolino /chili /1.0_b/

Starting from /aercolino /chili /1.0_b /examples/ can now be found a new directory structure for showing how Chili can be used in a sample environment. The base directory hosts generic files linked by the examples, like recipes and stylesheets.

chili-1.0.js has been configured for accessing recipes and stylesheets from this directory. Then it has been packed with the Dean Edwards’ wonderful JavaScript compressor. But it’s not been deleted, for leaving a configuration reminder and for being able to adjust it in the future.

Any example has its own directory numbered from 1 upward, like /aercolino /chili /1.0_b /examples /1 /chili-1.0-highlighting-chili-1.0.html which is the example previously available.

Chili highlighting Chili

/aercolino /chili /1.0_b /examples /1 /chili-1.0-highlighting-chili-1.0.html is the only file in its directory. It loads all the files it needs from its parent directory. This is how highlighting should generally work. With Chili there is the additional benefit that the example only links to jquery and chili. Chili itself will automatically load any file it needs.

Chili highlighting jQuery

/aercolino /chili /1.0_b /examples /2 /chili-1.0-highlighting-jquery-1.0.2.html is not the only file in its directory. This is for showing how to deal with exceptions to the general plan. This example highlights the jQuery script by marking up JavaScript and jQuery items. So special jQuery-flavored JavaScript recipe and stylesheet need to be used.

Chili 1.0 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.0_b has been released


  • Syntax highlighting for the browser; IE, Firefox, Mozilla, and Opera friendly
  • a jQuery, AJAX, Javascript, fully documented, free application
  • Javascript and Lotusscript recipes provided
  • 100% compatible with Code Highlighter 0.4 styleSets


  • chili1.0-example.html
  • chili1.0-manual.txt

This software is gratis.
You could buy me a cappuccino, but it’s up to you.