Chili 1.1 Released Today

UPDATE: Chili 1.2 has been released


  • Added support for backreferences in recipe steps. Due to the mechanics of the parsing engine this was not possible before, without a proper renumbering, which is now transparently done by Chili.
  • Fixed a bug in the JavaScript recipe which prevented correct highlighting of single and double quoted strings containing escaped quotes.
  • Added support for PHP highlighting, with all of its 3309 functions.
  • Presented in the examples a new method for configuring Chili, on a per file basis.
  • The examples have been updated to reflect new versions of Chili and jQuery.
  • Added a brand new example where Chili highlights PHP. (the script was used to generate the dictionary pattern for all PHP functions, included in the PHP recipe)


  • download all in a zip
  • read the manual
  • test Chili highlighting Chili
  • test Chili highlighting jQuery
  • test Chili highlighting PHP

2 Replies to “Chili 1.1 Released Today”

  1. Great work, Andrea.

    I’ve been playing (ocassionally) with Chili since you announced it at the jQuery mailing list. And, while I like it, I have some, err, objections.

    First: Chili tries to highlight any code element that it finds. I’d prefer it to apply highlighting only when there’s is a class attribute for the element. Otherwise, it tries to load `/foo/bar/.js` files (see, no recipe name before the “.js”) and throws exceptions.

    Second: when serving pages as application/xhtml+xml, the   entity is undefined. It’d be safer to use  

    Thank you for listening 😉

  2. First:
    very good objection! I’ll fix and release again asap (tomorrow?)
    ok, I’ll put this too in that release.

    Thanks, choan!

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