Introducing HotChili

The rationale behind Chili is that I need highlighted code to understand a program listing. I developed Chili to make it really easy for every blogger to add highlighting to their own code snippets.

The rationale behind HotChili is that many sites still don’t use any highlighting at all, and that bothers me. I developed HotChili to make it really easy for every internet user to add highlighting to someone else’s code snippets.

HotChili is a Greasemonkey user script (plugin), so it runs on any FireFox browser with that extension installed. HotChili is very easy to install and easier to use. Just click on a dull snippet and spice it up by selecting a language off the popup menu. If you change your mind, click again and undo it. That’s all!!

Install HotChili

After installing HotChili, you can browse the web as usual. If you want to test it, here is a short list of good programming pages that lack any highlighting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

As you see, HotChili is very simple to use and adds quite a readability factor to code. My advise is to turn it off during normal browsing, and turn it on when you really need it.

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