HotChili 1.2 Released Today

Known Issues
  • Sometimes a website ( uses an old version of Prototype that makes jQuery fail even if jQuery.noConflict() is used.
  • Sometimes a browser (IE7) cannot load all needed modules in the given sequence, and you get some JavaScript errors.
    Fix: reload the page and click the bookmarklet again (now the modules will be loaded from your browser cache).

3 Replies to “HotChili 1.2 Released Today”

  1. HotChili is a bookmarklet, which means it works on a per internet user basis, ie you can install HotChili in your browser and then apply syntax coloring to source codes you see on the current page in the browser.

    Maybe you’re looking for Chili, which is a jQuery plugin, and works on a per website basis. After installing Chili, source codes that you publish on your website will be automatically colored by the browser of the user.

    Installing Chili is easy. If you absolutely want or need your source codes to appear in <textarea> blocks, as opposed to <pre><code> blocks (or any other block types) then Chili is not adequate, because it doesn’t support TEXTAREAs.

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