7 Replies to “Chili 1.9 Released Today”

  1. Hello Andrea,
    amazing work!
    I just noticed that php rendering fail under safari 3 win beta.
    I will check tomorrow on version 2.x and 3 beta on mac.

  2. Sorry for the broken link to the special example. It works now.

    The page highlights 3000 lines in about 1 second !!
    (AMD XP2000+, 1GB RAM, WinXP Pro, IE7, jQuery 1.2.1, Chili 1.9)

  3. Incredible andrea!
    It works really fast on all browsers I have! The error on safari win (only in php) is because it’s still a beta and has memory leaks problem with js.
    It works much better than ever system I have triyed before.
    I wonder if you will add a style like dp.SyntaxHighlighter in a future!

  4. I think not, but maybe I’m wrong.
    There is no central repository for Chili recipes…

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